Sergey Pavlov or Sanatan (spiritual name) was born in former USSR, spent 17 years in Spain. Since 2012 lives & works in Asia. Fluently speaks 5 languages & has lived in 6 countries. During childhood he practiced dancing & Taekwondo. His Yoga Journey started this lifetime in 2003 in Spain, with a Master from Bangladesh - Abdullah Bordoloi, who's classes were rooted into ancient traditional form of Raja Yoga. Habib Ba was the next Master he met in Barcelona who taught Krishnamacharya Vinyasa Krama method, he was the President of Spanish Yoga Association. After that he met renown Anatoliy Zencenko from native Ukraine who was twice World Artistic Yoga Champion & President of International Yoga Association. The classes were traditional Hatha style including pranayama, kriyas, biomechanics & he decided to join his first Yoga Retreat in India. 
Having background in Business Management, he worked in corporations for extended period, he developed a freelance agency at that time. There is a turning point before & after his trips to India. The purpose of trips to India were purely spiritual & research. In 2010 he joined first Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course with Jitendra Das in Rishikesh. It was an insightful experience both the daily Yoga practice, food, lifestyle & Himalayan vibes but it simply increased his spiritual thirst. Right after that monthly course he attended first 10-day Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat
He spent several more trips to India in search of a spiritual Master & exploring spirituality, Tantra, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Kalari, Vedic Knowledge, visiting ashrams & Masters, etc. The search had many frustrating moments but it was all worth. He bravely gave up his profession, family, possessions, friends, business project to join Sanyasa Training in Bihar School of Yoga Ashram in 2012, where he met his Gurus: Swami Niranjananda & Swami Satsangi. They belong to Dashnami Sannyasa Order, Sivananda Parampara, having their Guru as Swami Satyananda who created an Integral Yoga System named as Bihar Yoga which included practices from Tantras & main yoga branches. The Tantrik influence makes Yoga accessible to anyone independently of gender, status, religion, nationality, beliefs, inclinations. One does not have to have any specific requirements to start. He spent in the Bihar School of Yoga ashrams 7 months under their guidance learning about Yogic Lifestyle, vegetarianism, karma yoga (meditation in action), mantra chanting, traditional hatha practices, pranayama, shatkarma (purification), satsang (speech on self-inquiry), kirtan (collective mantra chanting), seva (selfless service) & got a spiritual initiation (Guru Diksha). This Yoga University & their two ashrams are a truly living tradition. Yoga there was not a practice, it was everything, it was work, sleep, routine, behaviour, speech, Yoga was seen as a lifestyle & a way to manage One's Mind & routine. Ashram was a place to understand One's own limitations, strengths & overcome them, get out of One's comfort zone & mental obsessions or Ego. 
After he left the Ashram, he traveled & started to share Yoga/Meditation in Nepal, Koh Samui (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia) & Shanghai (China). He had chance to teach in Yoga retreat centres, meditation, wellness, detox & healing centres, big & small yoga studios, run private programs for people from all over the World, also volunteer in a prison. During his travels he kept learning & practicing with different lineages as Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Babaji Kriya Yoga, modern Hatha styles as Yoga23 & Universal Yoga. Since 2013 he taught thousands of hours of Yoga sessions to all kinds of people from different backgrounds, nationalities & status in group, private & retreat formats. Between 2016-19 he worked in one of the top Yoga studios in Shanghai (China) & since 2019 he lives in Bali organising & running Yoga/Detox/Meditation retreats & school. 
Inspired by his Guru's mission he continues to keep learning & stays connected to the living tradition. Since 2017 he is studying a long term Yogic Studies course with Satyananda Yoga Academy. In India he has studied Sanskrit with Vagish Shastri, Ayurveda with Dr David Frawley. 
His teaching is influenced by three lineages: Bihar School of Yoga or Satyananda Yoga, Sivananda Yoga from the North of India & in minor grade by Ashtanga Vinyasa from Patabhi Jois. He is immensely grateful to the Teachers who dedicated to spread those teachings & he is humbly doing best to continue spreading Dharma. Ashtanga Vinyasa is a very intense dynamic Hatha Yoga method focusing on Asana practice & the other two lineages teach Integral Yoga combining Raja, Jnana, Karma & Bhakti Yogas. His classes & courses, students will be able to experience these traditional teachings. Through years of practice & research he came to the realisation that Yoga is inclusive not exclusive, meaning Yoga is for every individual & should be adapted to people's needs & condition. Yoga is everyone's birth right which means that there are practices for each & everyone; thus it is not a practice only for the fit or strong, or the rich. Yoga does not mean renouncing current lifestyle & retiring to an ashram but applying simple practices adopted to One's needs in One's daily routine for Mental Management. There are gentle, strong practices, beginner & advanced practices. But we all need to start from the beginning, from ABCD. His classes include: Mantra, Kriya, asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara & Dharana, Shatkarma, Bhakti practices as kirtan, yoga philosophy & jnana Yoga, Yoga Nidra & meditations from the Tantras. He is a student of Ayurveda & uses nutrition, spices & herbs for healing. Please visit his Facebook page: Sanatan Yoga Tantra & Youtube channel for more information. Stay connected for upcoming courses, Hari Om Tat Sat