We are experienced in wellness solutions for corporations & companies seeking to provide high performance, efficiency & resilience expected from company's intermediate & top management. We provide online & Bali offline trainings. Bali offline packages include 3-5 day holistic educational trainings in Bali to cope with stress management. Trainings include daily amount of 3-4 hours learning & practicing yogic techniques as body health maintenance, breathing management & mental management, tension/relaxation management & detoxification which can be called holistic mindfulness & purification. Rest of the day are dedicated to massage, healthy meals, holistic visit program (water purification, waterfalls, etc), co-working, leisure time. This method is highly effective for personnel's high-performance & efficiency & suitable for companies who seek to be leaders in this New Era & changing times. Optional trainings available are holistic nutrition, premium 7-day corporate detox kit, specific massage service as Chi New Tsang for releasing vital organs blockages. This service is under construction but in the meantime if you are interested please email us with your inquiry to sergio@sergiopavlov.com. Thank you