☯️Humbly offering traditional, scientific based & safe techniques taught in a gradually progressive way as mantra, asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, kriya, nidra & concentration in different formats: online & Bali bases group class, private 1:1 class; 3 months online course & residential retreat in Bali. Remember that it is not the ability to do advanced postures in a forceful way but health, proper breathing, regular simple practice & understanding your body, mind & emotions will serve you great good for a lifetime🕉.  

1. Yoga Workshop: 120min, every Sat & Sun 8-10:00am (Bcn time), all levels, beginners friendly - 50/workshop. Package of 5 workshops - 200€. every workshop has a different theme & focus. A package gives you a balanced experience on different aspects of practice: balance & inversions, backbend & twist, core strength, deep stretch & pranayama. Every workshop includes an explanation, mantra, warm-up, sequence with selected focus in a creative way with simplifications & advanced modifications, ending with deep relaxation & pranayamas, sequence charts. 

2. Private 1:1 Yoga (limited to 5 people): 90min - 75€/class, buy 5 classes - 375, get a free customised program to build your self-practice with 5 sequences to follow & free access to 10 recorded sessions. 

3. Transformation Course Online: 3 months course which can kickstart your transformation Journey. Includes: live Zoom group sessions: 6x90min 1:1 classes (one every two weeks), 12x120min workhops (one every week); recorded classes for self-practice during the weekdays: 8xbasic classes with different themes, 3xYoga nidra, 1xMeditation, 1xAyurvedic cooking class; weekly Q&A session, final test, certificate of participation. Investment: 555

4.7-day body&mind detox through cleansing Yoga & herbal detox three times a day. Includes &-day premium herbal kit with instructions for detoxification of liver, colon & cells shipped to you wherever you are (value: 85€). More information here. Includes daily 90min Zoom morning Yoga detox session with mantra, specific techniques to enhance detoxification, detoxing breathing exercises & instruction to learn nasal & sinus cleanse. Sessions will be ended with a sound healing part. Access to free recorded yoga nidra (deep relaxation) & meditation sessions. Investment: 399


includes: live Zoom sessions: 6x90min 1:1 classes, 12x90min group classes; recorded classes: 8xbasic, 3xYoga nidra, 1xMeditation, 1xAyurvedic cooking class; weekly Q&A session, final test, certificate of participation

  • YOGA classes: 

hatha fundamentals (90min)

hatha basic (67min)

backbend & twist (60 & 90min)

hip & shoulder mobility (60 & 75min)

core center strength (75min)

hatha therapy (60min) 

  • MEDITATION classes: 

yoga nidra (22min)

yoga nidra (30min)

yoga nidra+OM japa (30min)


kichari + chutney (60min)

What will you learn: techniques which will serve you for a lifetime to build your well-being, health & maintain it through your effective self-practice. Each class includes Mantra, Asana, Breathing, Relaxation, detailed guidance. 


residential in Bali 2021

1. Peace, Calmness & Relaxation (5days) 

2. Strength, Balance & Resilience (5days) 

3. Flexibility, Vitality & Stamina (5days) 

4. Yoga Therapy & Herbal Detox (7days) 

5. Yogic Tools for Stress Management (5days) 

6. Yogic Breathwork level 1 (5days) 

7. Yogic Meditation level 1 (5days) 

8. Mantra Sadhana (3 sessions 60min each) 

9. Inner Silence Weekend (weekends) 

10. Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs (1 month) 

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This program is designed for those who want to spend their vacations in a holistic way deepening their Yoga practice, learning new techniques, experiencing detox & eating nutritious nourishing food in Natural Healing environments in Bali with like minded people. A recharging fun experience with time to work on yourself. Hope to see you soon in one of my retreats or contact for inquiry. Check out next Yoga retreat in Bali in 2021: 
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you will be guided to practice a variety of traditional techniques as mantra, dynamic movements & postures adopted to level of practitioners, pranayama or breath work, inner silence, attention work to understand, accept & expand yourself in Life