• Sanatan - Sergio Pavlov

Less fitness more Yogasana

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Have you ever questioned yourself regarding the difference between fitness and Yoga? If yes, than you might have visited a fitness mainstream yoga class where it does not seem these two disciplines very different. But if you travel to India and visit a traditional Yoga Ashram you would experience a huge difference. First of all, Yoga is not a merely physical practice, actually it is not a practice, it is vast Science of Awareness and a state in which we are connected to our True Nature. Impressed by this definition, and sounds too complicated or new? Why could it sound so new or complicated to us nowadays? Because we are living in times in which we are not taught this Science by parents, neither in school or University, in any countries it is not part of the culture. We can start by attending a Yoga class in a Studio and obviously start learning the physical postures and what will make this practice different form fitness? Let's analyse the differences. During Yogasana practice you are encouraged to practice in a non-competitive environment and way - which means focusing the attention on one's own physical and subtle sensations rather than comparing with other practitioners, so the focus is inner

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