• Sanatan - Sergio Pavlov

The Yoga of Herbs

Updated: Jul 31

Yoga & Ayurveda are sister Sciences. One complements the other. Yoga is the methodology of Connection to Universe or Higher Intelligence, Space, Consciousness; Ayurveda is the the science of connection to Nature & Elements. Both sciences give practical wisdom about the essence of Inner & Outer Harmony. Both are precise & practical. Both were taught by enlightened Beings.

In this article, i would like to mention Herbs. Since times immemorial all cultures have kept traditional remedies &knowledge about herbal healing. The usage of herbs & spices has been been common for cooking, detoxifying, vitalising, relaxing, treating symptoms as constipation, diarrhoea, headache, high blood pressure, infertility, fatigue, impotence, flu, colds, burns, wounds, bites, etc