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Human Suffering & meaning of Life

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Suffering, agony & pain are well-known to every human being. During our lives we are exposed to sickness, stress, fears, uncertainty, loneliness, variety of challenges, loss of dear people, accidents, etc...as soon as we are born we are exposed to fear of Death. Many souls have left meaningful messages to us after their experiences, some of them became really impactful. Buddha said Nirvana is the End of suffering, Patanjali called Samadhi the state of Transcending Human Suffering. Yoga means Union with Universe & dissolution of personality. In all of these messages we see something common which is in order to end our suffering something in us has to die.

We keep living our Lives automatically & mechanically just following what society dictates & imposes: we go to School, University, work & marry, create families & so on. We never really stop to analyse who are We & what we here for, what is our purpose, what will happen to us after Death. Have you ever asked yourself such questions? Probably yes at some stage in Life more than in others.

It is said suffering makes us search & evolve, in christian tradition Saints would express gratitude to God when experiencing suffering as in their understanding suffering was purifying them. Suffering is like the fire which burns ignorance, as the pain is experienced by our Fake Self - Ego, our True Self - Soul is not affected by this pain.

How we can transcend suffering? is there a way? Yes. Soul is bigger than the suffering, soul can overcome all suffering. We can have an attitude of the impartial witness to the suffering & watch the sufferer & come out of the identification with the body & Ego - the Source of suffering to reduce it's painful effects.

Human Life is a gift, we are in the stage of evolution between animal kingdom & divine realm. It is just a question of time for everyone to return back home.

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