• Sergio Pavlov

Ahimsa - non-violence practical application

In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali the Ashtanga or Raja Yoga system starts with Yama and the first one is "Ahimsa". Ahimsa is translated as non-violence. Let's have a look at it's practical application in Life. Humans often we have to deal with our aggressive reactions and patterns which seem to be part of our lower Nature. One of those patterns manifests as other creatures consumption as food: meat, fish, seafood, etc As long as other forms of Life similar to human are killed to be consumed as food, there is aggression, even if a person does not directly participate in the killing process just by eating it. Scientifically it is already proved that meat is not healthy neither natural food for humans and that plant based vegetarian diet is much more suitable and natural for man and at the same time animal kingdom does not need to suffer unnecessarily. Another argument in favour or vegetarianism is that there is undoubtedly a Higher Force which gives Life to all humans, animals and all creation, therefore that same force has to be the One to take the Life. All creation has same right to follow it's natural cycle and that right has to be respected by all without exception only than there can be Harmony.

Now i can talk about my personal experience with meat and vegetarianism. I was born in a country and culture where meat consumption is accepted and widely spread, children are fed by parents since young age with meat because there is a belief that meat is the only and best source of protein necessary for growth and complete development. Naturally i became vegetarian when i was 28 y.o. it happened two weeks before my first trip to India - the country with most percentage of vegetarian population in the World. When i became vegetarian, i realised that i lacked skills to cook vegetarian meals, proper ingredients combination, could not find vegetarian restaurants, some of my relatives started to question if i could maintain my good health without eating meat, my gym trainers categorically disapproved it and reminded that without animal source protein i was bound to fail with my strength increase and muscle growth. Eventhough, it seemed so many factors were not in favour, i kept listening my intuition which was just guiding me to continue with courage on my own journey and stop giving importance other people's opinions and beliefs. And today after 11 years of my vegetarian experience, i can say, vegetarianism is healthy, and beneficial if it is applied as a balanced nutrition. It is beneficial not only for the practitioner but also for the whole planet, it brings personal Harmony and contributes to collective Harmony. It was easy to be vegetarian in India, where vegetarian culture is well preserved and practiced, having it's roots in Ayurveda - the ancient science of Life.


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