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Urban 7-day Herbal Detox + Yoga Wellness program

This unique 7 day transformation program combines a powerful holistic blend: 1) daily guided 90min Yoga session; 2) three daily 100% organic detoxifying herbal shakes 3) delicious and nutritious dietary guidelines.  This program will allow you completely recharge energetically, detox, destress, boost immunity, increase flexibility, balance and purify all vital systems. You will experience better mood, increased vitality, natural weight loss, mental clarity, improved digestion and elimination, better sleep among other benefits. Available in both Corporate and Studio format: group and individually. Contact for inquiry

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Weekend Silent Yoga + Herbal Detox Nature Retreat

This program combines: 1) Holistic Yoga practice in Nature; 2) three daily 100% organic detoxifying herbal shakes 3) delicious and nutritious dietary guidelines and vegetarian meals. Silence and digital detox will be encouraged and guided. Designed to promote well-being and increase efficiency. Available for both Corporate and Studio Format. Contact for inquiry

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International 7-day Yoga + Detox Wellness Retreat
This program is designed for those who want to spend their vacations in a holistic way deepening their Yoga practice, learning new techniques, experiencing detox and nutritious healthy diet in Natural Healing environments as Bali, Thailand, India, etc with like minded sangha. Please follow events for future retreats. Hope to see you soon in one of my retreats or contact for inquiry. Check out next Yoga retreat in Bali:
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