Online sessions, courses, trainings & events 


1 session  x 15$ 

3 sessions x 40$ 

5 sessions x 60$

Choose from:

  • ASANA classes: 

hatha fundamentals 90min

hatha basic 67min

hatha intermediate (lotus) 75min

hatha all level 100min

full moon flow 100min

backbend & twist 60 & 90min

hip & shoulder mobility 60 & 75min

arm balance & stretch 80min 

deep stretch 65 & 75min

core vinyasa 75min

hatha therapy 60min 

  • MEDITATION classes: 

yoga nidra 22min

yoga nidra 40min

yoga nidra 30min

yoga nidra+meditation 45min

yoga nidra+OM japa 30min

meditation 40min


kichari + chutney 60min


coming soon


1. Tantrik Hatha Yoga Foundation

2. Tantrik Hatha Yoga Intermediate

3. Asana Therapy

4. Pranayama Modules 1 & 2

5. Yoga Nidra Modules 1 & 2

6. Yogic Tools for Stress Management

7. Shatkarma

8. Mantra Sadhana

9. Chakra Sadhana 

10. Use of Herbs & Spices for Yogis

International 7-day Yoga + Detox Wellness Retreat
This program is designed for those who want to spend their vacations in a holistic way deepening their Yoga practice, learning new techniques, experiencing detox and nutritious healthy diet in Natural Healing environments as Bali, Thailand, India, etc with like minded sangha. Please follow events for future retreats. Hope to see you soon in one of my retreats or contact for inquiry. Check out next Yoga retreat in Bali:
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